Next-Gen Influence

Welcome to the Next-Gen Era of Influence Marketing! At Matriochka Influences, we merge creativity and technology to transform influence into a powerful and profitable strategic lever for brands, through a unique methodology based on five pillars:


Forecast insights with AI

Our strategic planners leverage advanced AI-powered tools to spot and even anticipate emerging trends and influencers. This approach enables the brands we support to stay in tune with the times, positioning themselves at the heart of conversations, or even initiating them.


Craft impactful Concepts

We uphold a rigorous standard for our content, aiming to craft ideas that simultaneously resonate with brands and trends. Our concepts are designed to deliver lasting value to our clients, with some even being reused over several years, like the L'Oréal Paris Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week.


Engage B2C & B2B Communities

Our reach extends to creators of all sizes (from Nano to Mega/VIP) across all platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Discord, Twitch, YouTube, etc.), as well as to new generation journalists (podcasts, pure social media players, etc.) and more traditional journalists. We are increasingly working with emerging B2B influencers, particularly experts on LinkedIn who have a real impact on their sector.


Boost with Media Buying

We conceive sophisticated media buying strategies to amplify reach, allowing brands to access a large and qualified audience and optimize the impact of our influence campaigns to convert audience into sales.


Manage Performance in real time

We measure KPIs in real-time and adjust our actions to maximize the performance of our campaigns, which surpass the profitability of traditional methods. Our campaigns average a CPM of less than €1, and in some sectors, generate a sell-out two or three times higher than that generated by traditional media (such as TV).


A holistic approach to Influence, encompassed in three major areas of expertise, designed to connect brands with their B2C and B2B audiences through the entire advocacy ecosystem, targeting specific or all parts of the marketing funnel: reach, consideration, conversion.