A comprehensive approach to Influence, covering three key areas of expertise, connecting brands with both B2C and B2B audiences across the entire advocacy ecosystem


Maximize reach and purchase actions through creators of all sizes, across all platforms, leveraging both paid and earned approaches.


    • Digital transformation & influence
    • Trend monitoring
    • Paid & Earned influence strategies
    • Influencer casting & vetting (due diligence)
    • Tracking & performance analysis

    Management of "Earned" / Organic Programs

    • Opportunity identification
    • Handling incoming requests
    • Seeding / Gifting (proactive and reactive)
    • Events management

    Management of "Paid" / Co-Creation Programs

    • Influencer contact, negotiation, contracting
    • Creative briefing
    • Production oversight

    Amplification Management for Reach & Sales

    • Management of sponsorship campaigns: campaign setup and performance monitoring
    • E-commerce campaign management: affiliation, promo codes, e-sampling, contests, live shopping, and drive-to-store

Media Relations

Strengthen consideration through endorsements from both traditional and new generation journalists, following earned strategies.


    • Local, national & international PR strategies
    • Messaging platforms, Q&A, Briefing Books
    • Tracking & performance analysis

    Press office management

    • Infiltration of editorial calendars
    • Ongoing journalists pitching (print, online & podcasts)
    • Negotiation of Radio-TV reports
    • Handling incoming requests
    • Coordination of international PR programs

    Proactive PR

    • Creation & PR amplification of content: events, trips, studies, press conferences, press releases, seedings...
    • Media partnership negotiation
    • Executive support: media trainings, meetings with journalists, speaking opportunities

    Reactive PR

    • Newsjacking: identifying media opportunities & pitching
    • Crisis management

Social Media

Impact the entire conversion journey across all social networks, utilizing both owned and paid media strategies.


    • Veille de tendances conversationnelles
    • Veille technologique
    • Stratégies social media (TikTok, Instagram,Twitch...)
    • Tracking & analyse de la performance

    Content creation

    • Design of Photos / Videos and AR/VR
    • Production through Shooting & AI
    • Newsjacking

    Community management

    • Annual animation of Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn etc. accounts
    • Relational community management for niche communities (Discord)
    • Moderation

    Media buying management

    • Creation of dedicated Social Ads content
    • Campaign setup (cross-platform)
    • Real-time performance monitoring and optimization