Le Petit Marseillais,

Le Petit Marseillais

"The #MonMoodLePetitMarseillais TikTok challenge"

Influence - Social media / France


On the occasion of the redesign of the iconic Extra Doux range, our goal as the year-round influence and social media agency for the brand was to generate massive virality among consumers. To do this, we chose to capitalize on the reach and engagement offered by the TikTok platform.

Concept & Strategy

We launched alongside Le Petit Marseillais the very first beauty advertising campaign in France entirely designed by consumers on TikTok. In collaboration with powerful content creators and using the platform's "Branded Mission" media buying solution, Le Petit Marseillais paid tribute to Extra Doux fans by inviting them to share the personal emotion they feel when using Extra Doux products in their bathroom.


+55M impressions

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