A new situation which requires being guided by an integrated influence strategy, based on owned, paid, earned synergies, more than ever creating value, with the most profitable CPM in the communication professions.

From EGO-system to ECO-system

The era of traditional advertising is over. Distrust in brands is spreading, traditional media are often deserted, and digital advertising is deliberately limited... Communication has naturally decentralized from the "navel-gazing" of brands to become a "conversation" with influential intermediaries among the end audiences.

Advertising is Dead, Long Live Affluence©

Today, B2C and B2B content creators of all sizes, from all types of touchpoints (TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, podcasts, etc.), as well as more traditional media - since some journalists have also become real influencers - are taking over to build trust and create preference around brands. They offer an authentic and credible way to reach and even drive purchases from the end target.

Affluence© as Influence + Audience

Their impact is growing, particularly thanks to the evolution of algorithms and paid sponsorship features from social platforms (Branded Content on Instagram, Spark Ads on TikTok, etc.), enabling them to achieve massive and highly qualified reach.

Affluence© as Influence + Advertising

This marks a new era for advertising, opening up a new realm of possibilities, with a more agile and less expensive production model, without compromising on impact in terms of reach and sales.

Affluence© represents a new, ultra-profitable advertising model with optimized costs, both in terms of content production and media amplification, with an impact guaranteed by the power of advocacy.

Next-Gen Influence

A value chain inspired by advertising and supercharged with AI, turning influence into a strategic lever for our clients' business success.


Forecast insights with AI


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Engage B2C & B2B Communities


Boost with Media Buying


Manage Performance in real time