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Leroy Merlin

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Influence - Media relations / France


As an influence agency and press relation agency in France, we maximize the media and digital impact of Leroy Merlin products throughout the year, in four distinct markets and more than ten different universes. The challenge? Not only to highlight a large number of products, but also to promote the brand's unique positioning and strong commitment to responsible living.

Concept & Strategy

Drawing on our expertise as an influencer marketing agency and PR agency in Paris, every year since 2021 we have been orchestrating a continuous succession of media and digital sequences (combining paid and earned influence). Our strategy is to support Leroy Merlin's always-on sales plan, with a sustained communication cadence and a multitude of activations, ranging from press releases to content co-creation to event organization... so as not to miss out on any potential share of voice!


+4Md yearly impressions

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