Urban Legends,

Urban Legends

Connecting established brands with popular culture, and conversely, establishing connections between brands that are inherently urban with traditional influencers.

Because urban culture has become dominant...

In music, hip-hop, rap, and R&B are among the most listened-to music genres by the young generation; in fashion, streetwear has earned its place on the most prestigious catwalks; street art has become a major art form; gaming is now a widely popular pastime beyond the realm of geeks, while the most popular content creators in France, such as Just Riadh and Lena Mahfouf, are the personalities who inspire young people the most.

The "Urban Legends" offer

In short, our everyday cultural universe is now fully imbued and influenced by this movement that particularly fuels the passions of the majority of Gen Z.
Matriochka Influences is launching the "Urban Legends" offer in the fall of 2023, whose mission is to connect established brands with popular culture and, conversely, urban native brands with traditional influencers through integrated influence professions (influence, media relations, social media, brand content)...

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